Mina, NV – Lobster Execution

Desert Lobster Cafe
Desert Lobster Cafe in Mina, NV

Have you ever heard of the Desert Lobster Cafe? Do you remember passing a large white boat stranded on the side of the road in a remote desert town? You probably don’t know the full story behind Bob Eddy’s quest to monopolize the market on desert lobsters, actually Australian red claw crayfish.

Desert Lobster

Bob had a vision to grow thousands of crayfish in green houses just south of Mina utilizing the warmth of the Nevada desert and water from a nearby Pilot spring.

Lobster Farm near Sodaville, NV

Bob grew crawfish for six years until the wildlife officials revoked his license and took him to court because he was sell live crayfish to roadside travelers instead of selling strictly to the licensed commercial operators. State Division of wildlife officials feared that crawfish could enter surround water sources and evenly threaten the eggs of threatened species including the Railroad Valley springfish and other native fish populations. Bob and wildlife officials fought for years until one day in 2003, authorities stormed his property and seized 300 pounds of crayfish while dropping chlorine bleach into the holding tanks. The authorities discarded the seized crayfish in the middle of the desert. Crushing Bob’s dreams of a lucrative desert lobster empire. As years past, Bob would try to exact his revenge by poking fun at the Nevada legislatures and court system with his signs on the side of the road.

Lobster sign
Lobster Farm Sign Photo Credited to chzoddlyspecific.wordpress.com


Mina is a railroad town found in 1905 as a railroad station for the Nevada & California Railway, a division of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The town was named after Ferminia Sarras who was a famed prospector known as the ‘Copper Queen.’ The station was used to transport minerals extracted from nearby mines.

Welcome to Mina Sign

Today the railroad is gone and visitors come to stay at the RV park to ride their ATVs and side by side off-road vehicles through 500 miles of trails.







Socorro’s Burger Hut in Mina, NV

Socorro’s Burger Hut

Soccoro’s Burger Hut is a must stop when traveling between Las Vegas and Reno. Soccoro’s is a burger shack owned and operated by a nice lady. Who makes some of the best burger for miles around. Some times when I am passing through I will notice a small fleet of semi-tractor trailers parked in the adjacent field while drivers are lined up to place an order at Soccoro’s. Next time you are passing by, stop and have a burger.


Nevada State Prison in Carson City, NV Photo Credited to Nevadaprisonwatch.wordpress.com

Creation of the Gas Chamber

Not many individuals know that a murder within the town of Mina led to the first person in the world to be executed by lethal gas.  Gee Jon was convicted of murdering an elderly man named Tom Quong Kee from Mina, both men were associated with feuding gangs at the time. As the result Gee Jon was sentence to death by lethal gas. An unsuccessful attempt to pump poisonous gas directly into his prison cell while he was sleeping led to the development of the modern day gas chamber.

Did this information change your perspective on this small Nevada town?

GPS Coordinates: 38.39058 N, -118.10872 W

2 thoughts on “Mina, NV – Lobster Execution

  1. Interesting to hear about Mina. I do know a little about Mina having lived in Nevada my entire life. My dad used to stay there with a really great guy named “humpy”. Thank you for the history and bringing up forgotten memories.


    • Was “humpy” a longtime friend of your dad? Yeah, I just heard the story about the gas chamber not too long ago. Depending on what part of the state you are in, you will hear a variant of the story about Eddy vs. Division of Wildlife.
      Hope you have a great day,


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